Did you know that you can increase your eyebrows?

Transplantation is fashionable and is recommended, precisely because it is highly effective. That’s right: your eyebrows can be thicker and bulkier. Here is how!

Over the 90s, the ideal of feminine beauty went through have thin, barely visible eyebrows. Many women who spent years and years plucking hairs from that region. However, the fashion is temporary and, although thin eyebrows are still in use, the trend is changing.

Thanks to the direct influence of the model Cara Delavigne, eyebrows have returned to the spectrum of beauty for women. In fact, its thickness is seen as a way to highlight the youth of the face, at the same time giving more excitement to facial expressions – this, of course, without excluding the feminist cry for freedom, quite legitimately, that women au naturel is quite beautiful.

Now that your eyebrows are hopelessly thin, how to return to its thick beautiful? Simple. Eyebrow transplantation is a simple method, whose intervention doesn’t last more than 2 hours, by which women and also men who have suffered some type of alopecia in this region, may reclaim their eyebrows.

This thorough and precise method can only be done using the best technology by the best experts. In Portugal, Clínica Saúde Viável is the market leader and the number one in quality and customers’ satisfaction in hair transplants. The intervention is performed with a local anesthesia, and the patient is comfortably installed during the small operation, small follicles are removed from hairy donor’s areas, usually near the nape of your neck, where there is a higher capillary density, and are deployed in the most naked areas of the eyebrows. One thing is clear, consensual and proven: the treatment is infallible and effective. Reclaim your natural look!

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