Learn how to take care of your hair

The health of your hair is as important as any other part of your body. Though baldness is impossible to prevent, there are ways of taking care of your hair strings, turning them as beautiful and healthy as possible

Make it wet, shampoo it and wash it off. Three simple actions that have such an impact on your hair’s health. However, much more can be done for the health of the scalp, grating it a new life. Each head has between 100 and 150 hair strings and, naturally, we want them, to have a prominent beauty.

We have to be careful with the natural elements. Firstly, with the sun, which dries out the hair strings, breaking them. In such a case, using a hat is advisable. On the other hand, if you do some kind of water sports, be aware of the chloride that might be present in the pool. Ideally, you should also wash your hair right after getting out of the water. Still, despite having been or not inside a pool, you should dry your hair with the use of a non-agressive blow-dryer. That said, you have to be careful with some kinds of dryers that simply are too powerful and hot for your hair health. If you dry it out with a towel, be aware that you should not scratch it too hard, you might rip the follicle off, killing it and preventing new hair from growing.

There are still other menaces around, especially on electric devices that shape hairdos or in products like hair color. In both cases, the damaged strings cannot be revived because there are dead cells. The only way to solve the problem is by cutting its damaged tips.

Besides, there are other sort of behaviors that have a direct effect on hair shedding or hair wellness. For instance, taking some medicine may induce hair loss – in the description, you may find out which secondary effects may appear from its use -, but also some food disorders or hair infections may cause hair loss

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