How being vegetarian can help your hair health

Good food and even better hair health. Do you want to know how to get the best of both worlds, ensuring a spotless look to your hair?

The vegetarian diet is seen as a healthy choice and has won many supporters in recent years. Its has several advantages, but you must ensure that it contains all the ingredients necessary for the health of your hair.

Vegetarianism is, for many people, a way of life that extends beyond a diet “free” of animal products. Whether for religious motivations, ethics, health or wellness, the “green” diet has gaining followers throughout the world. Many people say you feel better and healthier from the moment you exclude meat and fish from your diet.

A vegetarian diet can have many benefits, however we need to bear in mind that your hair requires a diet rich in protein, especially whole proteins, which is not always on a vegetarian diet.

The hair is essentially made of proteins, in particular keratin, and minerals such as copper, zinc, sulfur and iron. The main sources of whole protein on foods are meat, eggs or dairy products. Zinc and iron are also found in abundance in these foods, which are also rich in amino acids, that are essential to hair.

There are various types of vegetarian diet. The egg-dairy-vegetarian diet includes eggs, milk and dairy products. It ensures a protein source essential to hair health. The vegan diet, where you eat only vegetables, and should therefore have greater attention to avoid the lack of certain nutrients, important for the health of the hair and body.

Perhaps for this reason many vegetarians and vegans include in their diet less traditional foods, such as tofu or soy beans, this last one is a whole protein. So, to stay in shape and take care of your hair´s health at the same time, the “secret” is a variety of foods. Vegetarian or not, the important thing is to ensure a diet that includes all the essential nutrients.

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