The most healthy and complete breakfast in the world

The importance of a good breakfast is undisputed today. Although this meal is gaining increasingly importance among us, it is still far from being the most complete meal of the day. This is true for many Western societies.

But some oriental societies, latin america or even in northern europe, breakfast is a truly important meal.


In this country, breakfast can be a truly complete meal with bread, rice dumplings and vegetable soup.


Here, this important meal includes black tea, bread, butter, feta cheese, dried fruit and fresh fruit.

Costa Rica

In this Latin American country, the day starts with beans, rice, eggs and lots of fresh fruit. It’s actually more like a lunch than with foods that you have a habit of ingesting at breakfast.


A little further down on the map, breakfast continues to be a full meal. Coffee, several varieties of fresh fruit, like papaya, cakes slices, bread, cheese are a constant in the first meal of the day of the Brazilians.


In the land of the rising sun, you can count on a breakfast full of delicacies: rice, fish, miso soup, bean sprouts and even potato salad.


Depending on the region of the country, breakfast can vary, but it is common to find eggs, rice, vegetables, or even soup and meat. Often, this meal consists of leftovers from the previous day.


In Philippines there are also dried meat or fried eggs consumed in the early hours of the morning.


Especially on weekends, the first meal consumed can be chicken, black beans, scrambled eggs with vegetables or cheese.

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