Sweet potato or white potato – what’s the best alternative?

This sweet tuber does more for your health than you might think. Learn about the almost magical properties of sweet potato and white potato.

Potatoes are generally associated with large doses of carbohydrates, of which you should stay away if you want to lose weight. Even though they are effectively calorie foods, and sweet potato is a little more than the white potato, if consumed in moderation, they sought in terms of health benefits.

With so different flavors from each other, which one of these represent a major addition to your health? The answer is: to switch between the two for a balanced diet, and depending on the nutrients that you want to go, choosing between one and another.

If you want to opt for the less-caloric food, choose the white potato, with about 77 calories per 100 grams, opposed to 86 calories for the same amount in sweet potato, however carbohydrates contained in this last variety are of slow absorption, and so, diminish your appetite, while white potatoes are fast absorption.

Its high fiber amount makes sweet potato in one of favorite foods of athletes. From the nutritional point of view, sweet potatoes win the fight between the two.

Although white potato report higher levels of vitamin C, sweet potato also has this vitamin and is rich in vitamin A. This means that it helps strengthen your immune system, protects your skin, helping to keep you young as it is rich in antioxidants, especially beta carotene, which gives golden yellow or orange tan.

As they contain very high doses of potassium, sweet potatoes are also powerful allies in reducing anxiety, and stress, and blood pressure, and preventing cramps.

It is even better if you eat sweet potatoes with its peel: its peel has the largest amounts of the fiber and potassium. In addition, this peel is full of anthocyanins, responsible for its purple color, powerful nutrients that can help in the treatment and prevention of various types of cancer, and in the maintenance of cardiovascular health.

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