Wingsuit. Breaking News: men can fly

Well, ok, not quite fly, but it’s close. Have you ever heard of wingsuit skydiving?

It is true that it takes an enormous amount of courage to practice an extreme sport, but there are even more extreme sports that would make anyone fear for their life. This is just like skydiving, but otherwise it is performed in a suit that contains wings (wingsuit). The practitioners jump from a base or a plane wearing this special suit, which propels them into the air. This practice allows the use of parachutes, due to the high speed towards the ground, that are opened at the last moment.

The suit is used by skydivers to increase the time on the air and the horizontal distance travelled during a jump. By dressing in wingsuits, part of the parachute harness is inside the wing and part stays out.

In a jump from plane, a skydiver falls toward the ground at an average speed 125 mph. By jumping in a wingsuit, the vertical speed is reduced to about 40 mph, but horizontal speed goes to about 100 mph. It is common to see pilots who wear this sortr of suit flying more than 5 miles and flights last more than two minutes.

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