Canyoning: have you tried it?

It is not only rivers who wander from the spring to the mouth. Experience the wonders of canyoning and let yourself be mesmerized by the tracks of our planet.

If you dream of a journey like the ones only seen in the Indiana Jones movies, then we have the ideal suggestion for you. There is a sport that encompasses calm activities like walks along the river and other more daring, like climbing or rappel. The canyoning is all that – and more.

Canyoning is a sport that was born in the United States and its essence is the engagement with nature. The idea is to follow the natural course of a river, descending cliffs, walking alongside with it, cross it when necessary, climb cliffs – which means doing whatever it takes to reach the nearest point of the mouth of the river. Of course, it is not necessary to go through all the river course, you may choose a certain section.

Yes, it is true that this isn’t a sport for everyone. You need to have some physical preparation as well as a certain sense of what is dangerously acceptable and acceptably dangerous; risks are only taken when they are not excessive. One must take some precautions into consideration. For example, it is strongly discouraged to practice this kind of sport alone. When you get lost, or even fall down, you might not have someone to help, and this will make you vulnerable into a potentially irreversible point. Also, it is very important to carry a GPS device and a map – knowing our location is half way to carry our way out of there without mishaps. You should not spend too long in the water, because of the risk of hypothermia, but it is also important to pay attention to rain, when it happens. Some loads of water can cause small (but fatal) landslides.

That’s why there is also material that cannot be forgotten. Comfortable shoes, climbing material (and proper knowledge to use it), and a GPS receiver if possible, a charged mobile phone in case there is any emergency.

After all this is set up and carefully planned, you may begin your adventure.

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