The hip-hop fashion

Result of a varied mix of rhythms such as R&B, funk, disco, soul, and rap, hip-hop is a style of music and dance characteristic of the urban areas.

Being one of the most famous musical genres in the world, the term hip-hop emerged for the first time in the 70´s. Born in black and Latino American communities as a way to report the problems of poverty, violence or racism within the ghettos, and serving as alert message and guidance, this form of music and dance quickly became popular throughout society by creating a culture of its own.

The hip-hop culture merges itself the various elements, such as poetry, dance, painting and music, presented as a whole and not divided into distinct areas.

The dance style of hip-hop, which many refer to as street dance, consists of inspired movements in other forms of physical expression like break-dance, locking or popping The hip-hop is characterized by its free style, where they don’t obey the specific steps and the dancers improvise their movements. The “battles” are another feature of this dance, the dancers compete, informally or formally, among them, dancing in a circle. Practiced both on the street and indoors, this dance won group choreographies, where all the dancers obey the same movements. These movements should be loose and fluid in order to be in tune with the cool attitude of the hip-hop culture, keeping with the natural rhythm of the songs.

Also in terms of clothing this dance is distinguished from all other types of more traditional dance. Without obeying any pattern of clothing, the clothes worn in this dance are loose and comfortable, inspired by the clothing worn on the street daily.

Despite the greater difficulty of learning, hip-hop is one of the most popular dances in gyms and dance schools.

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