Apps to learn to dance

If you’re one of those people who loves to dance, try these applications with many useful tips.

These applications are for those who like to dance but don’t have the time to attend dance lessons, for the shy that don’t like to dance in public or for the curious who like to learn more about all types of dance. One thing is sure, if you have a passion for dance, install some of these applications.

Zumba Dance

The increasingly famous Zumba already has the its own application. By installing it, you can follow the routines that are displayed to the rhythm of the songs and even get a feedback about your performance, either individually or in group, at the end of each of the song.

How to tap dance

Although old, the art of tap dance continues to be very popular. This application promises to make you tap dance as a professional through videos and the appropriate instructions. Although it is only available in English, the images are so illustrative that just looking at them you will be able to practice.

Ballet Dance

If you prefer the classical dance, install this app containing since basic positions to pirouettes and more complex movements, all illustrated with images.

Salsa Anywhere

Wherever you are and for a hotter and faster rhythm, this application promises to make you move your entire body through more than 90 salsa steps in the tutorial accompanied by videos.

Learn Hip Hop Dance

One of the most popular dance styles among the young, hip hop, is inseparable from the urban culture. This app teaches you the freestyle movements with several videos, images and instructions.

Learn to Dance

This application allows you to learn the first steps of various styles of Latin and other popular dances. Inside the app there are specific dance styles packs that you can buy and install.

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