Apps for Wellbeing and Health

The ever growing concern with the physical and emotional well being make such applications to be developed everyday. Discover the best Apps, made thinking about you.

It is a fact that the fast paced life, the competition and the relentlessness of the modern Western societies are beginning to rise a serious concern with the physical and emotional well-being. Realizing that we are not eternal and that the health of the body depends largely on how we take care of it, we invest far more in a better diet, regular exercise or healthy practices that allow us to release the stress and achieve a better balance and general wellbeing, whether physical, psychological or emotional level.

Watching these growing interests, the world of technology is creating applications for Android and iPhones, whether free or paid, related to health and wellbeing improvement more and more every day. The existing apps on these topics cover various fields such as sleep, meditation or even vaccination.

For example, 5 ‘ Minutes I meditate, it provides information about the correct way to meditate and explanations about the various benefits that the practice grants. The application Water your Body, on the other hand, calculates the amount of water you should ingest, based on your weight, and sending periodic reminders so you don’t forget to drink it.

The Whole Foods Market has an application that allows the user to access more than 3700 recipes and, better yet, suggest ideas depending on the ingredients available at home.

For those who want to lose weight, My Diet Coach is an application that presents itself as a kind of digital personal motivator, that lets you upload photos or notes that inspire you, sending reminders about food or behaviors to avoid and rewarding the achieving the goals you set.

And if you are too lazy to go to the gym, meet Pact an app where you can establish weekly goals to train more or eat healthier. The application analyzes your progress and pays you in cash for each achieved goal that you have established.

Finally, if you are curious to hear what you say in you are sleeping, the Sleep Talk Recorder is the right application, since it records your words while you sleep.

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