Benefits of Water aerobics

Water aerobics, we recommend it!

Swimming is not the only complete exercise. There are other sports practiced in the water that can help you to maintain good physical form.

Water aerobics is one of the sports less cherished for those who wants to sculpt their bodies and is often erroneously considered as a sport for the elderly. As an aerobic sport run into the water, the impact exerted on the body is minimal and the risks of injury from the exercise are much smaller than other modalities. Therefore, this is a highly recommended physical activity, regardless of age.

The benefits of this modality includes the improvement of cardiovascular system, weight loss, improved joint health and the reduction of some diseases. This exercise can be developed to the rhythm of each practitioner and those who think that this sport is not meant to lose weight are mistaken: a water aerobics class of moderate pace can burn up to 150 calories per 30 minutes of exercise. Much more than playing tennis, for example.

Water aerobics still tones and strengthens muscles while increasing your stamina, as the density of water is higher than the density of air. Another of the positive aspects is the increase of motor coordination, as you are forced to simultaneously use the lower and upper members. Being an aerobic activity, it also increases your HDL cholesterol, the “good” one, and lowers the LDL cholesterol, the “bad”, which brings lower accumulation of thrombus in the arteries, resulting in an additional protection of the cardiovascular system.

Another one of the great advantages of water aerobics is the relaxation. Water conveys a sense of comfort, even better is the fact that sports made in water require extra concentration, given the need to synchronize the breath with movement. According to experts, it is this factor that makes you disconnect from everyday problems.

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