Make-up: how to choose the best foundation?

Find a suitable foundation is the first step for a perfect make-up.

We can’t talk about make-up without mentioning its most important element: the foundation. It conceals skin imperfections of any face, giving it a more uniform appearance. After a good moisturizing the skin, and apply a sunscreen – although there are foundations which incorporate both functions, a foundation is the most important products to have a well-cared face.

As the name implies, a foundation is the basis of all make-up, it standardizes, tinting and illuminating the skin. If the skin presents, for instance, acne scars or spots, it becomes a great ally to the smoothing them. The main requirement on the foundation choice is its shade: the product must have a shade very close of your skin, otherwise, you may end up with an unnatural look.

According to experts, to make sure you’ve found the perfect foundation, you should apply a little in your face – and not on the hands or arms because their skin shade is not the same as your face – in your jaw, Chin or cheeks, and preferably with natural light: If the color merge conveniently with your skin shade, that’s the one you should choose.

The application must be made in circular moves from the center of the face outward, with a soft brush or a sponge, and must then be dimmed with your fingertips in order to get a natural look. You can also try mixing your base with a bit of moisturizer and apply it that way. And don’t forget the neck and earlobes.

There are currently a number of bases, several textures, whether in liquid, cream mousse, powder or oil-free. Depending on your skin type, dry, oily or mixed, you can select the texture that best suit you.

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