Contouring: ever heard?

Your face can be carved using only cosmetic products and other innovative techniques. Here are the wonders of contouring.

Do you want to have an attractive face, with perfect angles, without resorting to plastic surgery? Contouring may be the ideal answer.

Previously only used in the fashion industry and reserved for models, so in fashion shows and fashion editorials stayed with the faces even more perfect and shaped, this technique quickly became coveted by women from around the world. Thanks to makeup artists perfecting their techniques and discovering new ways to “paint” and beautify the face of women, the most common of us can benefit from these tricks that can give a perfect aspect to our face.

But what is contouring? This technique consists specifically in redesigning your face, giving new form to certain areas of your face and improving your facial structure, solely through the application of makeup. Your face is better defined and the contours are more or less pronounced. As you prefer.

Currently, almost all beauty products brands, from the more accessible to more expensive, have specific products for this purpose. When buying them, just ask products or kits to outline the face.

These products create shadows that are able to highlight or hide certain features of the face.

The affects you can achieve by applying contour techniques are:

. Higher and more pronounced cheekbones

. More angular jaw line

. Bigger lips

. Eyes free of dark circles

. Thinner nose

. Perfect forehead

To make contouring, you should be avoiding glow products and privilege products with matte finish.

Tones used to define the face should not make such a big contrast with your skin tone, so tanning powder should be used only if your skin has a darker shade.

For those who are going to start using this technique now, the experts advise to opt for cream products, because they are easier to apply, for the use of powdered products that better serve the purpose of contouring.

Define the face does not mean having rigid lines of makeup, on the contrary. This technique can only achieve the desired effect if these lines are well mixed and blurred.

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