Small habits that can ruin your relationship

Learn what you can do for your relationship becomes happy, lasting and full of good feelings.

Daily coexistence with others is not always easy. When we talk about a romantic relationship and life as a couple, balance becomes even more fragile. You need to be aware of the repetitive behaviors that can irritate your partner and make life less desirable for both.

Tell everything to the parents

Are you one of those who make complaints about your wife, or husband to parents or siblings? If so, stop it right now. It’s a pretty childish attitude and one of the most annoying habits that exist in the life of a couple. The conflicts must be resolved with your partner and your intimacy should not be exposed to other people. Unless there are serious concerns that need to share with your relatives, do not make it a habit.

Be more attentive to social networks or texts

than to your partner can only go wrong. For more interested you are of following a story or check for updates, do when alone or when your partner is busy with other matters.

Interrupt when the other is talking

If you are one of those who constantly interrupts your partner, not letting him finish the sentences, start to control yourself. There are few things more annoying than being cut while talking. Strive to listen to your partner until the end and then give your opinion

Expect your partner do all the work

This is more for men. Cultivate continuous habits of disarray in which your partner tidies and you just mess is extremely tiring. If you are messy, at least don’t let your partner organize everything for you. Ignore the civilized rules of coexistence is disrespectful to your partner.

Bring work home

There are times when it may be inevitable, but try as much as possible to not disturb your family gatherings harmony with it. The daily time you spend with your family is so scarce that it should be, at least, a quality time. This involves paying attention to your partner when you’re with him, and not having the mind occupied with other things.

Have many extra activities

Hobbies are healthy, as well as having a life of your own that isn’t just tied to your love. Practice some activities alone can be a healthy habit, but when you distribute all your free time by solitary hobbies, your relationship can go seriously damaged. If you do more things without your partner than with him, you’re leaving him aside, and it can rise possible resentment.

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