How to get over a broken heart

What to do when we think we won’t smile again? broken heart is not easy. Learn how to move forward.

Books, movies, music, painting … every form of art is covered in some broken heart that served as inspiration to its creators. A heartache, depending on the intensity, are the unhappiest experiences which a person can go through. It is true that they are inevitable and may cause greater or lesser suffering, but when a happy ending it is not possible, we can only accept it and try to learn something from it. What can we do so this overwhelming suffering do not control and cloud our actions and feelings?

First, you need to cry. Get it off your chest. Without shame. Alone, with friends, family, as you like. The important thing is to put out your emotions, and don’t keep it to you, so you can release the negative feelings. If you internalize this sadness, it is most likely that it doesn’t quickly pass. Don’t be in a hurry or feel compelled to move forward faster just because it’s expected. Small and firm steps are a good start, one at a time and you will see that day after day, slowly, things will improve. Broken hearts, of love or not, require time: to forget, to recover, to have the will to walk again.

Force yourself to leave home and live. Even if it’s the last thing you want to do, make an effort, in order to heal your broken heart. Prefer people who really like you and treat as family or close friends. On these occasions go out with acquaintances may be difficult, but if there are your only company, choose them. You don’t have to mingle socially every minute of your day, but be careful to not isolate yourself from the world.

Try to not to think too much or go over the reasons why your relationship didn´t work to the exhaustion. It’s not about pushing things under the carpet, it can be worse, but keep thoughts at bay so they don’t be obsessive. Set some time a day to think about it, but after that time, keep those thoughts away from your mind.

Do small things that pleases you, even when they look hard to enjoy. Remember your favorite hobbies and force yourself to practice them. Movies, sports, concerts, reading. What matters is to do something that you like, so you can absorb it and distract from potential obsessive thoughts.

If you feel a need to look for a professional who you can speak to a deeper level, someone who you can expose your feelings without being afraid to be considered tiring or ridiculous. Talking with a psychologist or psychotherapist will make you learn a lot about yourself and they will help you deal with the pain of loss.

You will see that, although it seems impossible, you will slowly begin to recover and when you realize, your life will be worth living again.

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