The sex isn’t that important

Many women are reluctant to casual sex, but the importance we give to sexual interactions are so important for human society?

Sex is one of the most important in acts in human relations, not only because it is what allows the reproduction as being crucial in the structure and in the strengthening of the couples, some say that it is overrated.

Modern society faces the lack of sex in an adult as something strange. At a time when casual sexual relations grow and where women opt for this kind of meetings, some of them begin to do just the opposite: facing the lack of a significant and stable relationship, some women prefer to abstain from sexual intercourse than to practice it occasionally.

They are usually women well resolved that withdraw the utmost importance given to sex by reducing it to a purely physical act. The reasons are many: some know their limits and know that after all, they can’t avoid getting emotionally involved even if it’s a one night stand, others simply have no desire to have sex like that, and others that sexual intercourse only makes sense when there is a declared emotional involvement on both sides.

There are women who are alone for several years by choice, that will not change unless they find a significant relationship. The lack of intimacy and the feeling of emptiness that many of them experience after the sexual act are other reasons cited for those who chose sexual abstinence. In general, women seek affection, and not sex, which then translates into sexual desire. Although they like sex a lot, this is not a priority for women, in general.

A research conducted in the UK revealed that 22% women prefer to give up sex than chocolate and another study of British magazine “First” revealed that 40% of married women would rather go shopping instead of having intercourse.

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