Foods that may prevent cancer

One of the most feared diseases of our century. Although it doesn’t mean necessarily a death sentence, a prognosis of cancer is nonetheless terrifying.

As the old saying goes “better safe than sorry”. When it comes to diseases such as cancer, this saying makes perfect sense since effectively adopting some healthy lifestyle habits and proper nutrition, we can reduce the chances of developing this disease in the future.

Although there is no specific food to fight cancer, there are a number of foods that we can include in our diet and whose properties can be effective in reducing the likelihood of suffering this condition. To do this and, along with basic precautions such as not smoking and physical exercise, diet can act as a form of prevention.

Fiber-rich foods such as wholegrain cereals, for example, can stimulate the intestinal flow, eliminating large amounts of toxins from our body, toxins which can contain carcinogenic substances. The fact that they are eliminated can assist in the prevention of cancers of the colon and intestines.

Tomatoes are one of the foods, it contain lycopene, an antioxidant that prevent cells from turning into a potential cancer. Broccoli is another excellent food to contain isocyanates, a substance that might hold the development of cancerous cells in the early stages of leukemia, breast, prostate and liver cancer. Green tea is loaded with polyphenols, including catechin, it plays an important role in preventing certain types of cancer.

The allicin in garlics or onions can act as an anticancer, and vegetables like spinach or lettuce can also be effective in combating this disease, due to their fibers, folates and carotenoids, substances with anti-cancer properties.

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