The biggest myths about your health

Should you drink two liters of water a day? The popular belief is usually wrong, so do not believe everything you hear on your health.

When you find some article on the internet about health, make sure that the source is reliable. When in doubt, always consult an expert in order to avoid any unnecessary risks. Let´s break down some of the oldest myths out there, check out some misconceptions about your health.

Cold weather causes colds

It’s not true. What causes colds is the fact that, in the colder seasons, we’re more time at home and with more clothes, what is potential incubator of bacteria that can cause natural immune reactions, causing constipations.

We should drink two liters of water a day

Wrong. We should drink more or less the equivalent to what we lost on a daily basis, a maximum of one liter. If you drink more water than your body needs, it can overwhelm your kidneys, they will not be able to drain as much liquid.

Eat little at a time, but many times

It was a common idea that nutritionists used to pass, but several recent studies have shown that the important thing is have three good meals, and occasionally, eat a piece of fruit or an energy bar, for example.

If we swallow a bubble gum, it can be housed in your stomach for seven years

Fake. Swallowing a bubble gum is the same as eating other food. Although it may not be digested in the same way, it will follow the its course and will be expelled naturally. The process does not take seven days, not even as seven more years.

Today recover the lost sleep

Impossible. The body restarts when you wake up and the time you didn’t sleep cannot be recovered if the next night you sleep twice as much. In fact, sleeping without an alarm clock and for a long time can be so harmful to your brain like sleeping less than 7 hours.

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