Live up to 100: is it possible?

Live long and live well: we all want it, but not everyone gets there.

“Who wants to live forever?”, asked Freddie Mercury, in one of the most famous songs of the Queen. Not that we all really want to live forever, but most of us want to stick around Earth until, at least, let´s say, 100 years old. There is no magic formula at all, but there are orientations we can follow to have more chances to get there.

Count calories: if you don’t usually overeat and don’t fill the plate of unnecessary surpluses, you’re on track.

Drink green tea: The properties of this drink have the ability to dilate capillaries, so the blood can go farther and more effectively to all parts of your body, irrigating them to the fullest and giving you longer youth.

Don’t drink soft drinks: real poisons, the abuse of these drinks is one of the main causes of diabetes and heart disease.

Find a hobby: a distraction and a passion is always a good reason to relax, preventing cells from aging caused by stress, and at the same time helps to prevent heart condition.

Run. A lot. Even more than that: Sport is recommended, of course. And if you run an average of 30-40 minutes per day. It causes blood vessel dilatation, releases toxins, improves breathing, oxygenates the body, which are good ways to fight aging.

Don’t drive, take a walk: walking has undeniable effects on the human body’s wellbeing. Beyond that, driving involves sitting, which means an increased sedentary lifestyle.

Sleep between seven and eight hours per night: Resting nights are, according to science, the best way to live two more years, at least. Sleep has a unique regenerative effect on cells.

Don’t drink, don’t smoke and, for goodness sake, don’t do drugs: Toxic substances kills and atrophies cells. And most of the times, it doesn’t end well.

Have sex: It releases oxytocin and decrease of stress, two key ingredients to eliminate the possibility of heart disease.

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