The new beauty paradigm

Nowadays, evident beauty is not a rule to be followed anymore. Do you know why?

Aesthetics have never been so valued in western society as nowadays, nor pressured to have an immaculate beauty and physical shape by the fashion industry like today. However, and despite it is not ideal yet, there is a certain openness of this industry to receive “different” kinds of beauty, which would be unthinkable during the top models dictatorship of the 90s, when women with some imperfections would be immediately discredited for runways or magazine covers.

The resentment shown by a lot of society sectors concerning unattainable beauty standards, shown and defended by fashion industry, have becoming more and more recurring. As a consequence, some examples on unconventional beauty have been receiving some attention, like plus-size models or the prohibition of using some extra thin models in certain Fashion Weeks.

Recently, two of the most famous models due to their unique physical appearance, having been protagonists of international fashion campaigns and walked on exempt runways, are Shaun Ross and Winnie Harlow.

Ross is considered the first albino professional model of all time. Winnie Harlow is a black model and she is, probably, the only professional female model suffering from vitiligo, a disease that makes skin lose its color leaving blank spots. She has been working on the most important Fashion Weeks of the world.

Hired by the different statement they offer, these mannequins promote a least typical beauty concept, which is still hard to find these days

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