I want to have a perfect skin, but how?

A peachy skin is the dream of every woman. Learn how to get it.

To have a perfect skin, besides relying on the quality of inherited genes, is related with the care that we have with it. It all counts in the quest for perfection: diet, lifestyle or the products we use.

Our face is the part of the body that is most exposed to the elements: Sun, cold, wind, pollution, and they all cause immense damage to the skin if you don’t protect it properly. Feeding, hydration or restful sleep are essential factors to have a healthy skin with beautiful appearance, and its greatest enemy is, without a doubt, the Sun in excess. On the other hand, cleaning every night, such as the hydration and nutrition, should be daily rituals.

Your face should always be well washed with a product suited to your skin type, after you must apply a tonic, to close your pores and remove the rest of dirt, and to finish a moisturizer. At night, you must replace the moisturizer for a specific anti-aging cream. It is at night that our body takes more intensely the process of repairing and renewing cells: If we provide it the right instruments, it will fulfill its task in a better way. The pollution that we are exposed all the time, as well as perspiration and make-up, make this routine especially important.

Another important step when taking care of the skin is exfoliation, which you can opt to do daily with an extremely thin grain, or twice a week with thicker grains. This habit is important as it removes dead skin cells and prepare it to be hydrated and nourished. If you prefer to not overload your skin during the day, you can choose to use lighter make-up products that contain smaller quantities of mineral ingredients.

Never forget sunscreen: it is the most effective way to protect your skin against premature aging and other damage. You can opt for a moisturizer that already contains sunscreen, but with a minimum 30 SPF, use it even in winter. You will see that by strictly following these steps, you’ll have a bright and healthy aspect.

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