Love: Fight against Prince Charming

Do you want to be happy in love? Change your expectations.

Romantic love can destroy your dream of having a happy and real relationship. Expecting to find your soul mate or the Prince Charming can take you from someone who could make you happy. The constant search for love and ideal partners is causing great anxiety and frustration in both men and women. It doesn’t mean you can’t effectively find your soul mate, but if you’re expecting to find a perfect human being, who fulfils your smallest requirements, so it’s better to be realistic and start to better manage your unrealistic expectations. Otherwise, prepare to suffer many disappointments.


Being the most immediate impression on someone, it is impossible to escape the question of physical image. We all have, some more unconscious and others more aware, a type of physical appearance that draw greater attraction, and we hope that our partner fits in this patterns. Typically, this image passes through a physical perfection, either for men or for women, who in most cases is not easy to find for this very reason, it is best to stick to some physical characteristics to enjoy and not to all of them. Especially because we all know that most important of all is the inner beauty of each.

Love at first sight

Many like to believe in love at first sight and that if you don’t feel it immediately, it not worth to invest in the relationship. But this is a very reductive idea that can postpone the meeting with the much desired Love. This grows and builds, as time goes on, so don’t focus on this idea and give yourself, and others, the benefit of the doubt and the opportunity to get to know them better. The longest and happiest loves usually start like that.


Beyond the perfect body, most people also aim to find a partner that gathers together all the personality characteristics that they admire, without missing any. As you know, perfection does not exist, so be realistic and focus on the qualities that are most important to you, and not on all without exception. You can even find the partner that collects everything you admire, but surely he or she will also have flaws, so be tolerant.

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