What if your partner is too stressed?

Being stressed is not a good ingredient to the relationship. Discover how both can relax.

No one is perfect. There are people with easier personalities than others, and when both parts of the couple have good mind, coexistence between the two becomes much healthier. When this does not happen, and one of the partners is especially stressed, that factor may interfere adversely in the relationship. It has been proven that the way your partner behaves also influence your behavior. That is, if your partner is very stressed, it is most likely that you become more stressed.

What if the person you love is one of those that suck your energy, even unintentionally? What to do? Stop loving her and get on with your life?

The problem is that you don’t rule your feelings. Furthermore, your better half for sure have other qualities that, in spite of everything, make you want to stay together.

If you really love each other, accept the temperament. But there is no harm in trying to reduce stress, which certainly will mirror in and disturb the relationship.

In general, men have a quieter existence, more relaxed than women, and therefore easier to stay calm for example, during an argument. The idea is to provide steps and both are aware of the fact that the tensions that extend to the relationship can take it down.

When the stress of one of the partners is on the rise, you should try to solve it together and use some techniques to overcome together. Avoid making negative assumptions relating to situations that do not control, thinking only in difficulties. This will only tire both of you. Sit down and calmly and positively talk to explore the options you have to deal with them.

Don’t assign blame and don’t criticize much. You need to realize that this stress does not lead anywhere and undermines the unity of the couple. In heated discussions, it is the quieter one that needs to be more patience and try to take the discussion to a successful conclusion.

Rather than let the stress win and simply react to the given situation, listen to each other making the partner understand that you need to try to find a solution to the problem and not to aggravate.

If your partner shows especially tense, try to figure out what concerns him in order to address the problem in the correct way.

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