The benefits of Deadlifts

Have you seen this kind of exercise? How about experiencing the wonders that deadlifts can do to muscle hypertrophy.

Who does bodybuilding and weight training are well acquainted with the movements of deadlift, also known as dead weight. This specific exercise brings considerable advantages to building muscle mass, and not only. Deadlifts are considered by many as the king of muscular hypertrophy, developing muscles like no other exercise for both upper as lower body. But this statement is valid only for cases in which the technique is executed perfectly, otherwise the risk of injury increases too.

A deadlift is very simple and consists of grabbing a bar with weights (you can run it also with dumbbells) heavier than what you are used to, and lift it until you are upright. The weight should be raised with the hips “thrown” back and your back straight. Although there are many variations in its form of execution, this is the par excellence movement of deadlift.

Muscular hypertrophy

This is the quintessential exercise to run when the intended goal is muscle hypertrophy. By using virtually every muscle in the body, and combine them with the use of very heavy loads that stimulate muscle growth, deadlifts emit a greater number of hormones with specific action on growth, including testosterone.

Increased strength and muscle size growth are guaranteed if you perform deadlifts regularly.

Functional application

The deadlifts increase the strength of your core, giving you short and long term stability. As it increases strength, balance and stability of your body, these exercises contribute to the movements that you perform during your daily tasks are performed with greater security. Carry pallets of water or heavy shopping bags is going to become a lot easier.

Rehabilitation and prevention

The technique of dead weight is often used as a rehabilitation or exercise on injury prevention, in this case with less heavy loads. The fact that it increases the strength of the whole body in a comprehensive way, these movements are ideal to improve the general state of your health.

Complete muscle work

It may not look, but the dead weight exercises include the work of almost all the muscles in the body, as they make the recruitment of all major muscle groups of the upper and lower part of the body, including the back muscles. Deadlifts are compound exercises, involving a multi-joint work as opposed to isolated muscles work, they are one of the most comprehensive ways to work the body.

High fat loss

Pick up a very heavy load implies a huge effort for the body, specifically for the muscle fibers that tend to burn more calories that way.

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