Whey protein, do you know what it is?

This animal protein is considered one of the best for those who trains.

Whey protein is extracted from whey, one of the most studied in the world for the benefits it provides to your health. This is the protein that is contained in the serum that separates from milk during the process of obtaining cheese. Containing a high content of essential and non-essentials amino acids, it is easily digested and absorbed by your body in comparison with other types of protein. This protein contains low fat and is rich in calcium.

From runners to bodybuilders, this is apple of athletes eye, preferred by practitioners of any physical activity, whether amateur or professional. It can be also the certain protein if your muscle gain is not to be what you expected and want to increase your results.

Lose weight without losing muscle

Studies conducted in Minnesota to two groups subjected to caloric restriction, the group that received a whey protein supplement shown to be capable of losing a more significant amount of fat, better preserving the muscles of the given supplement another group.

It is the ideal protein for muscle gain

Muscle mass will decrease with age, but a combination of exercise and diet can reverse this process. Leucine is one of the amino acids that promotes muscle growth and more that is present in whey protein in large quantities. Researches done by Baylor University in Wacco, Texas, it turned out to be the champion protein in increased muscle mass and strength with advantages over casein or soy. To further enhance the results, consume this protein 1 hour before or 1 hour after your workout.

It reduces appetite

This protein has proven to be one of the most effective to reduce the feeling of hunger.

It slows aging

Rich in cysteine amino acid, whey protein has the power to increase antioxidant of your natural defenses that delays the process of cell oxidation that increase the production of the glutathione enzyme.

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