Do you want to be happy every day?

Happiness is the most desired state of soul of all humans.

Who wouldn’t want to live in a permanent state of happiness or at least very often?

Everybody experience moments of happiness and good mood, but what if it could be your everyday state of mind?

Start by being less demanding with yourself, with others, or with life itself, and learn to appreciate, without effort, the small pleasures, are small steps to feel happy every day. But there are some more.

Deep conversations

It is true that they do not always happen and you often do not have time to develop them, but substantial and deep conversations are the things that fill and satisfy the human soul. As opposed to small talk, automatic and devoid of emotions, which can even increase depressive states, the most significant conversations increase your sense of well-being.

Help someone

It doesn’t have to be a substantial help, if it is, even better, but just a little help, like helping someone find a direction, pick something that dropped, give your turn at the supermarket line to someone in a hurry or less loaded. You will find that you feel better by not thinking only about yourself.

Greet people

Get used to make it a daily habit. How many times do you enter a public transport, in a café or any other establishment without saying hello to anyone who provides you a service? In addition to revealing a lack of education, also shows a lack of respect.

Do something you like very much

Even if only for a short time. Read pages from a book you love, see your favorite scenes from a movie, review photos of happy times, eat something you like, listen to music, whatever it is, the only condition is to be something that lets you really happy.

Exercise your brain

Learn new things that stimulate your curious mind, as it also serve to calm it down. By being focused on things that give you pleasure, whether acquisition of new knowledge or the puzzles, you’re forgetting the problems and stress. Use daily things like waiting for a transport, or appointment or any line to do it.

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