Stress. Know the signs that your body gives.

These days it’s easier to ask: Who isn’t stressed? Then ask the inverse question.

It happens in general, as requests coming from all areas make it impossible to be calm in day-to-day life.

It is natural that at certain times or occasions many people feel that way. One or some stressful situations are normal and do not constitute a problem.

But what are the signs that you should be careful to determine a permanent state of stress and worrying, which interferes harmful way in their daily lives and relationships?

Constant fatigue

Daily fatigue, almost like it is chronic is an alarming signal. Especially if you understand that there is no reason for you to feel so exhausted. This feeling of exhaustion is often linked to high level of stress.

Sleep problems

If you experience difficulty falling asleep, sleep few hours, insomnia or waking up constantly at night, you should try to figure out what’s going on. If these symptoms occur occasionally, there are no reason to be concerned, but if it is a constant , it can be worrisome. This is one of the main manifestations of stress. It also impairs the quality of life since the body needs to rest at night, to regenerate.


High levels of irritation, a lot of impatience or low tolerance to frustration can also be signs of stress.

Recurring health problems

Frequent infections, and colds can be a warning sign of high stress levels, as well as headaches or stomachaches, or even muscle pain and nausea.

Difficulty concentrating

If your thinking is always running the other way, or if you can not pay attention to a subject for more than a few minutes, if you are always forgetting where things are or meetings, seek help.

Loss of appetite

Loss of appetite is a clear signal that you are experiencing a situation that worries you very much.

Overly emotional

Of course there are more emotional people than others, but if you noticed that you have reacted in an exaggerated way to certain situations and with a constant desire to cry, and if it is not like you to do so, it is time to talk to someone.

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