How to destroy located fat

Located fat is an aesthetic issue that causes major concern to women.

Located fat especially in the hips, abdomen and thighs leads many women to despair. The practice of physical exercise and a balanced diet can prevent this problem and to improve a little bit the chance of getting rid of it quickly and definitively, but sometimes it is necessary to use more complex aesthetic treatments.
Liposuction was for many years considered the champion on elimination of cellulite. Although it is a much used technique , there are other most modern alternative treatments options that do not require surgical intervention, that can be performed over several sessions, and that can reduce permanently your measures.
This treatment consists in exposing fat cells to very cold temperatures. These eventually freeze and die, then are eliminated by the body. This has proved to be an excellent method of fat reduction on more persistent cells. The procedure is done with a device with attachments suited to different regions of the body and creates a powerful vacuum that promotes skin and localized fat suction. Cold temperatures are controlled and act only on fat cells more sensitive to it, while preserves nerves, muscles and organs.
Low level laser
Or a kind of laser liposuction. By issuing a low level laser diode, the fat cells are broken down into fatty acids and glycerol, which are then eliminated by the lymphatic system. In addition to localized fat, this method also fight flaccidity.
Radio frequency
The radio frequency devices generate heat to penetrate the skin reaches the adipose cells and reduce their size.
The treatment of localized fat with ultrasound also proved effective. This device emits mechanical waves that pass through the skin to the fat cells. There they form air bubbles that will grow and eventually burst, causing disruption in the fat cells.

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