It’s time to… skipping rope

If you think this is a kids’ game, you should know you’re deeply wrong. It may be one of the most effective fitness training.

Skipping rope is not the activity stored in the memory or crystalized in the elementary school playground. We should have this exercise always present in our physical fitness circuit, not just for the fun, but most of all because of the benefits it has for our health. You don’t believe it? Check it out.

It accelerates the heart rate

Like any other exercise, skipping rope causes an increase in heart rate, given the need for greater oxygenation of the cells, and this results in a significant improvement of the health of the whole cardiovascular system, preventing future problems like heart attacks, hypertension and strokes.

For better coordination skills

While skipping rope, your arms, hands, feet and legs are synchronized. These multifaceted tasks give the brain a higher neuronal activity and may further prevent complications related to Alzheimer’s, not to mention the risk of falls becomes much smaller and physical dexterity reaches a level that would otherwise be difficult to achieve.

More jumps, fewer injuries

By exercising like this, your feet and ankles will get greater flexibility, which means that the next time you twist a foot, probably will not feel so much pain and the recovery period will be shorter.

Bones stronger than steal

When you’re skipping rope, due to the high impact nature, it strengthens endurance and bone density. Anyway, if there is a history of osteoporosis or fractures of many bones in your family, you should understand, with a specialist, if it is advisable to practice this exercise.

Take out the calories

Running eliminates around 700 calories per hour. Few exercises can beat this: skipping rope has the ability to burn calories in 1300 per hour of exercise. What are you waiting for?

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