What’s the right amount of pampering?

The way we treat our children is essential in the development of their personality.

Some parents have doubts when it comes to answering to their children demands. Should we or should we not pamper? Is there such a thing as too much pampering?

For now, we must know the difference between affection and pampering. Show affection to children is never too much. They need to feel it in large doses ir order to feel safe and be able to structure their personality. There is evidence that children who receive a lot of mothers affection while small, become more balanced adults and less likely to psychological problems. The line between affection and pampering is difficult to establish and to put into practice, but remember that the parents must have the last word, not the child. When the child seems in charge, then it is certain that you’re being too permissive with him or her.

The ties that parents are able to establish with their children are the foundations for the development of personality and behavior, especially physical, either through kissing, hugging or lap, they must be constant and daily in the child´s life. Demonstration of affection by parents is a defining feature in the well-being of the child. You should always praise your children when a task, in the most insignificant one, is well done. Opting for a positive speech instead of a critical one. By congratulating a child for his or hers acts, you will strengthen the child´s confidence while increases self-esteem.

This fact does not mean that children are not called to attention or reprimanded when misbehaving. Affection and hugging are never too much, “pumper” won’t rot children, but the lack of discipline will. A child who is not reprimanded or punished when exceeds limits, apart from being confused by the absence of rules, may think that she or he is the boss at home. Rebuke is important as you set limits to less correct behaviors of the child, but we must enforce the limits and still try to make more compliments than criticals. When you reprimand your child, try to stay calm, no screaming, not to cause similar behavior in children.

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