Meditation – DIY

Do you want to relax and you don’t know how to do it? We have the ideal tips for you.

In daily agitation, what we most wish is to go home and take a few minutes to chill out and forget all the problems. So, we offer you some tips so you can, for a few precious moments, unplug your life and calm body and mind.

A quiet place

The most important thing is to find a space where you can be in peace. Away from street noise, away from noises of your own house, safe from anyone who dares to disturb your sacred moment. Put a mat on the floor or sit on a comfortable chair.


At ease but not too much. Sit comfortable, but with the neck and back aligned and straight.


We often see people meditating with closed eyes, but it is not how it should be done. Keep your eyes open gives a whole different presence and vitality to your meditation. Still, if you cannot focus because of something that is directly ahead of you, you can close your eyes. Remember, no one is able to meditate if uncomfortable.

Maximum concentration

In daily life we rarely have presence of mind, we hardly ever pay attention to the movements we do, the acts we display, the ideas we have. The important thing here is to become aware of body and mind as a whole. So focus on yourself without distractions from the outside world.


Awareness of your breathing it’s halfway towards reaching a state of complete consciousness of yourself. Therefore, control the way you how inhale and exhale; after that, concentration and calm will come to you much faster.

Thinking is only natural

Many theorists of meditation say that the ideal is try our best to empty your head of thoughts and ideas, but the truth is that thoughts should not be disregarded. We should let them hover and leave us naturally. If a thought bothers you, take a deep breath and try to let it go, and others will come.


Silence heals any concern, calms us and allows us to think more clearly. With meditation, happens the same: a quiet environment will help you to relax with a much higher intensity.

… And enjoy.

Meditation should not be a sacrifice. Take as much pleasure as you can from the experience so you can finish the process completely satisfied with the time you spent doing this. Speaking of time, try to take around 10 and 20 minutes to relax, but you can always extend or shorten the length of meditation. The most important thing is that you’re always comfortable.

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