Keep osteoporosis far away from your bones

A disease that weakens bones composition is one of the most worrying of this century.

Genetics rules us, but habits help: bone degeneration is an age own reality. As time goes by, cells begin to lose bone regenerative capacity, and thus turns our skeleton a porous structure, increasingly weak and brittle. In opposition, there are three key behaviors that make all the difference when fighting against osteoporosis.

Calcium intake is the most important since it is this property that primarily strengthens bone composition. Apart from vitamin supplements calcium-based, products like milk, as well as broccoli, salmon, sardines, cereals fortified with calcium and orange juice should be consumed.

Vitamin D is another property that plays a key role in the prevention of osteoporosis, because it increases the propensity of the body to absorb calcium. Sunlight is an inexhaustible source of vitamin D, be sure to use sunscreen! But we can also consume it from fish with omega-3, such as salmon or canned tuna, some types of mushrooms, egg yolks, vitamin supplements, among others.

Exercise is also advisable, especially after 60 years old. Walking frequently and avoiding sedentary lifestyle as much as you can, is essential to promote bone self-regeneration, thus preventing its porosity and allowing it to remain strong. In this case, the ideal option is medium bone-impact activity; activities like swimming or cycling are great for cardiovascular health, but do little to strengthen the bones.

It is advisable that, at the 50´s and afterwards, you start to measure bone density in order to control the tendency to be afflicted by the disease, that in the most extreme cases, may even cause death.

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