Ballet fitness. Dancing is also doing gymnastics

Ballet fitness is, as the name indicates, a new type of fitness that burns a lot of calories. Be charmed by this training/dance.

Created by the Brazilian Betina Dantas, the fitness ballet is a method that combines movements of classic ballet with elements of fitness, such as squats, sit-ups or push-ups. The dance moves are interspersed with typical gym exercises to increase muscle strength, but without using any kind of weights or shin guards. The idea is to use the strength of the body; use plies combined with squats and sit-ups are made with classic ballet leg moves. What the fitness ballet proposes is to ensure greater definition and toning of the woman body without resorting to weight training.

Betina asserts that the main benefits of this mode are the “muscle toning, flexibility, breathing and balance” in addition to improving the body posture, the stretching of the muscles and abdominal and lumbar forces increase. The exercises are made continuously alternating between the bar and the ground, in sequences similar to a circuitry.

Fitness ballet classes are very intense, working hard cardiovascular organs, promoting calorie-burning and weight loss. When practiced about three times a week, with average intensity, the results are notorious. An advanced class may burn up to 794 calories in half an hour.

The main differences between this mode and classical ballet are the most similar exercises at a gym workout, such as squats and abdominal. Footwear is also different: it does not require Ballet shoes in order to practice fitness ballet.

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