Ballroom dancing: here’s why you should try it

After a long time of hiatus in our memories, the ballroom dancing returns as a trend.

Lots of people do it: youngsters, elders, anyone. Ballroom dancing, as they were considered out of fashion, are becoming a new trend. Mainly seen as a social activity rather than some kind of sport, truth be told, it is seen as a sporting event when regarded as a competition. And who practices it as a sports genre on a professional level has the same abilities of an athlete.

Rhythms taught in class go from Latin to the most classic of all, such as waltz. Being a student at these classes may also have a playful tone and socialization benefits, but it also grants some advantages to our physical and mental health. Depending on our dancing intensity levels, you can lose up to 700 calories an hour, since this activity is wonderful to enhance our cardiovascular and respiratory systems working just fine.

Shy people also get a lot of benefits from such dancing activity, even though it will “hurt” a bit at the beginning. Thus, they will overcome their timidity through constant interaction with other people, assuring a growing self-confidence.

Physically, you may experience weight loss and a raise on its heart rate, which stimulates blood circulation, regenerating cells through the whole body and improving movement coordination.

If you are not a fan of working out at a gym and really demanding sessions, ballroom dancing may just be what you were looking for: you’ll have fun and work out at the same time.

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