Let’s dance salsa?

Know the most popular Latin dance of all times. Here is every reason to dance: let’s try?

Originating in 40s in Cuba, but with strong influences of other African American rhythms like mambo, cha cha cha and rumba, salsa is one of the latin rhythms most danced in the world. Officially presented with the name Salsa in New York in the 70s, this dance continues to enthral the planet and to reinvent itself duet to the fact that it allows freedom of movement and continues to absorb other influences.

Consisting of a repertoire of joyful songs with resort to own salsa music, salsa is a sensual dance in which the whole body works vigorously. Legs, arms, hips, abdomen, buttocks: salsa promises to use all the muscles that you have and toning them intensively, often contributing to a great loss of calories.. Posture, one of the important aspects of the dances practiced in pairs, will be strengthened through the practice of this latin beat.

This dance is performed in pairs, but can also be practiced alone, although it is less frequent. In the art of salsa, both dancers are slightly separated and both body weight rests entirely on their toes. The steps, small and fluid, can be done back and forth as to the sides. The woman should support her left arm slightly in the man´s arm and he puts his right hand on the left shoulder of the woman or her hip. Then, it is just spinning, but with the man always leading.

Boasting a lot of sensuality, this is a sexy and seductive dance, which in addition to fun, you can also boost your self-esteem and improve social skills of practitioners.

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