Tips to prevent rheumatoid arthritis

The disease is not preventable, but it can be delayed if you follow steps. Learn all you can – and should – do to keep arthritis at bay.

In gender, arthritis prevails in women, age and genetics are crucial for contracting this disease, making it impossible to quell. However, arthritis can be delayed with some effectiveness, if you follow some advices. There are more than 100 types of arthritis, but all of them have in common the fact that it directly affects the joints, particularly hands and feet, causing pain and deformation. Learn how to delay its effects on your health.

Drink alcohol

The consumption of alcoholic beverages has many harmful effects for humans, but it is known that a cocktail, as well as wine or beer three times a week, can delay arthritis´ arrival for more than ten years.

A lot of physical exercise

Put the joints in action will ensure that they remain “oiled”, preventing its natural atrophy and reducing the premature onset of arthritis.

Control your weight

The higher the pressure of your body on the bones and joints, the more they will give in, causing more degeneration. According to your height, always try to have an appropriate weight: for example, if you have 5,9 feet tall, you weight should not exceed 176 pounds.

Eat red fruits

All the fruits rich in antioxidants such as strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and other berries are an excellent option to avoid the premature ageing of the joints. Cherries twice a week also reduce in 45% the incidence of arthritis.

Soft drinks are prohibited.

All fizzy drinks are poison for bone health. As such, the joints degenerate faster if you consume drinks like this often.

Do not fear the alternative medicines

The positive effects of acupuncture are well known in the treatment and relief of the consequences of rheumatoid arthritis The same practice can prevent the disease sets in so early.

Eat more fish

The fats present in the majority of the fish, especially the Omega-3 (salmon, trout, sardines), help to reduce the incidence of arthritis.

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