Shhh, quiet please. The perks of silence

A few minutes of silence a day can do miracles for your health. Do not believe? The YouHot explains.

Silence usually intimidates, because it implies being alone with ourselves. But a few daily minutes of it are precious to your physical and mental health.

The Japanese neurosurgeon Koshiro Nishikuni of Santa Cruz hospital, in São Paulo, Brazil, states that the physical benefits of silence can be supported by magnetic resonance imaging tests, that revealed a rise in cerebral cortex in people who are silent, concentrated on breathing, without thinking of anything. It may also bring real benefits to physical health as it can strengthen our social ties. It all depends on the context, of course, but silence is not always a bad thing in social interactions. We can show deference, respect and attention to our partner by taking time to silently listen, without interrupting constantly.

The reflection is another advantage of silence. In a fast-paced society that suffers with the growing influence of social networks, we got used to an endless and immediate display of ideas, often presented without reflection, that can cause unnecessary conflicts or be very shallow. A few minutes a day in silence improve our irritability and enhance our tolerance.

Embracing silence becomes an essential aspect of our self-knowledge. Only through it and reflection we can get in touch with our purest essence, acquire a greater awareness of ourselves and a grow within. Spend some time silent and alone, as it may have a positive impact on our levels of stress, relieving you of daily concerns. Therefore, always keep a few minutes a day to “withdraw” and be silent: you will feel more balanced.

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