An extra effort can give you a lot of pain …

Do you know how to heal a pulled muscle?

Before finishing today’s workout, your personal trainer will say that there are only five more squats. In a final effort, you push too much and feel a twinge in the muscle and then comes the pain. The sentence comes quickly: it’s a sprain. After all, what is that? A muscle strain is caused by too much physical effort on a particular muscle, muscle tissue “breaks” when some fibers are too stretched.

What to do: as soon as the injury occurs, apply ice for twenty minutes You can use common sense, but it is best to consult a specialist to avoid further problems After a while, you will feel muscle stiffness, in addition to the obvious pain and a bruise in the injured area.

In mild cases, rest usually solve the problem: you will feel pain and stiffness for three or four days, but other than that everything is fine. In severe cases, there will be small muscle tears, resulting in a more intense pain and a recovery period that can reach three weeks. The worst cases are those in which the muscle is ruptured, resulting in internal bleeding and, consequently, loss of muscle function.

To cure this temporary problem, you should try to rest as much as possible. Doing various daily applications of ice in short periods of time not to burn the skin. Apply pressure with a sash to protect the affected area, and elevate the injured limb closest to the heart level to avoid unnecessary flow of blood in the area. It is also important to use anti-inflammatories to accelerate the regeneration process and, if possible, painkillers to ease the pain. If symptoms persist, it is important to see a doctor, since this injury can be a severe sprain, a complete rupture of the muscle or a bone fracture.

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