Errors that cause us to eat more than necessary

If you think you have a healthy diet, think again. We all make errors and that cause us to eat more than necessary.

A healthy diet should contain at least the recommended daily doses of vegetables, fruit, fiber, protein and carbohydrates. You must eat multiple meals, distributed throughout the day, in small amounts. Still, who doesn’t make mistakes while eating? Here are some of the most common mistakes we make when we eat more than we need.

Confuse thirst with hunger: this is one of the most recurrent errors. Often the feeling of hunger that we have is no more than simple thirst. The next time you feel hungry and you have eaten recently, try drinking water, then wait for about 20 minutes and, on most occasions, you will see that you are satiated.

Skipping meals: The excess of work and obligations coupled with lack of time often do not let us eat enough meals – or perhaps not even have them. Skip the moments you have to regain energies through food, especially breakfast, which continues to be neglected, not only compromise our productivity, as it makes us ingest more food throughout the day.

Watch tv while we ate: this a bad habit that facilitates the consumption of food. When we’re distracted looking at the television, we ingest greater amount of unhealthy food, such as snacks or sweeties, without noticing.

Eating too fast: the trend of eating too fast makes us unaware of when we’re satisfied, as the brain takes a while to receive signals of satiety. Besides, barely chewed food can affect the digestive process.

Use big dishes: this is another one of the errors that can be avoided. By using large dishes, we put more food than necessary in it. As it is rare to left food in the dish, especially if it is good food, we end up overeating. To control this tendency, use smaller dishes or do not fill the dish.

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