What can you do to prevent oral cancer?

Learn how to stay away from an affliction that has 450 thousand new cases annually all over the world. All about oral cancer.

Oral cancer is one of the most dangerous forms of cancer, not because it is difficult to heal, but due to the difficulty of getting an early diagnosis, which can make the treatment more effective. Often, when oral cancer is diagnosed, it’s already too late. Of the 450 thousand new cases annually worldwide, the World Health Organization estimates that 200 thousand result in death.

Oral cancers manifest through various symptoms: gums swelling without apparent reason, swelling on tongue or palate, difficulty swallowing, appearance of stains on the tongue or throughout the oral cavity, dizziness, pain or loss of sensation in the face, neck or mouth, unexplained bleeding, changes in voice, ear ache, change in tooth stability or sudden weight loss. If you have any of these symptoms and feel strange that it does not pass with the usual treatments, visit a doctor.

There are people at risk of contracting this type of cancer, and many of them may try to prevent it with some drastic, but simple attitudes. For example, smokers are six times more likely to contract this type of cancer than non-smokers, and this does not exclude who opts for electronic cigarettes. Who have the habit of consuming alcohol is also more prone to this problem. On the other hand, the heredity appears to play a key role in the contraction of this type of cancer. On the other hand, who is usually subject to sun exposure, especially in younger age, may also be at risk. Do not smoke, drink moderately and have a balanced diet are the advice for those who want to keep the oral cancer in the distance.

As we said, the support of a specialist is essential to eradicate or diagnose this problem in time. Your dentist will know how to monitor it, realizing with ease whether or not there is cause for alarm, either through a biopsy or a more detailed analysis to the status of your mouth. If oral cancer is confirmed, the radio or chemotherapy are the most effective treatments to eliminate cancer cells.

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