Tooth decay: learn how to avoid them

They are the worst threat for dental health, but we have some tips to prevent them.

Dental caries, or tooth decay, are caused by bacterial agents which erode tooth enamel until they get to the root. Besides the bad aesthetic look – that, in fact, it’s even less of a problem – tooth decay cause pain, bad breath and constant discomfort, it may even lead, ultimately, to the loss of the teeth. As a way to avoid it, we have very important tips for you.

Brush your teeth

This is the main way to prevent tooth decay. Brush your teeth at least twice a day, it will make teeth much resistant to bacteria that can cause this disease.

Use dental floss

The toothbrush cannot reach everywhere, that’s the reason why the use of dental floss is necessary to achieve those hidden holes and corners where food remains try to settle. These food scraps are oases for bacteria, allowing them to proliferate and irreversibly damage the enamel.

Rinse with fluoride or mouth rinses

The cleaning is not complete without the use of liquid disinfectants themselves to oral hygiene. This way, you can eliminate all harmful bacteria to the health of your mouth.

Choose a balanced diet

Snacks with sugar and the abuse of certain foods can ruin your teeth. Ideally, choose a healthy balanced diet, with a strong focus on dairy products, vegetables and fruit, to strengthen your teeth and improve oral health.

No smoking

Tobacco is a poison to the lungs, the heart and the rest of the body – including teeth, which are the first to be damaged by this habit. Smoking turns teeth yellow-ish and promotes the chances of tooth decay. Throw away your pack.

Visit a dentist

Once a year, it is recommendable to see an expert, if only for a check-up and a general cleaning or scaling. When diagnosed in time, the tooth decay can be treated and removed more effectively.

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