Gain muscle mass in the legs

Find out some tips for a better reinforcement.

Not all bodybuilding is made from weight training and strengthening arms, PECs and ABS. Not at all: legs also need to be toned and, of course, there are exercises and advices that should not be neglected so these members can look more muscled. Are you ready?

Preliminary tips

Before beginning to train, there’s nothing more important than warming up. 10 or 20 minutes on a treadmill don’t make miracles. For 10 minutes, try to stretch the muscles to prevent tears or other effort injuries, such as sprains or twisted joints. Also, do not forget the stabilizers, of which we need to avoid injury by all the leg muscles. Functional training is ideal for achieving a certain level of muscle mass, so you may want to opt for this alternative, but never forget that it is also important to make unilateral exercises: the natural tendency to make further efforts with the right leg than the left, in the case of right-handed, or vice versa, in the case of left-handed people, it can strengthen one member more than another and it takes on the physical form. Individual exercises in each leg should serve only as a toner. Said that, it’s time to select some effective exercises.

The miracle squats

Squats allow legs to get strength and flexibility, both in the calves, and the top of the member. The time and weight submitted to each session of squats will depend on your level of physical preparation, but the dose is simple: more muscle mass, more weight can be applied when performing this exercise. Do two or three sets of six squats, rest for three minutes, and repeat eight times.


Stretch your legs with weights applied to ankles, do two sessions of fifteen extensions. You will be exercising tendons of the entire leg, and the biggest muscle-building happens in the calves and in the frontal region of the ankles.

The importance of food

We are what we eat. So, everything you eat will influence on our muscle growth. In order to promote this growth, you must ingest proteins, carbohydrates and fats for energy, water to transport all the necessary chemicals, vitamins and minerals.

At the end.

Stretching and resting. The regeneration of the muscles and eventually its growth happens when you rest. Easy on the training loads.

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