How to lose belly after the 40s

A belly full of unattractive “tires” is the nightmare of women – and men.

Especially after 40 year-olds, it becomes especially difficult to lose that accumulated fat, but there are little tips that can make this task possible. Say goodbye to your belly.

Carbohydrates only in the morning…

It is common knowledge that at night we should not eat too much. This applies especially to the rich carbohydrate foods, and it is essential for people who want to lose weight. if you fill your belly with these foods at the end of the day, they will mainly be accumulated in form of sugar, contributing to an increase in body fat, that after the 40s is also synonymous with abdominal fat and swollen belly. But there’s an ideal hour to consume them: in the morning. From the time you wake up to lunchtime, you can ingest carbohydrates, as they are essential for other functions of the body, and from that time of day, start limiting their intake.

… and protein at night

Proteins are essential to muscle regeneration. The more muscle mass you have, the bigger your metabolism is, which means you burn more fat and faster.

Consume them in moderation, but it is important not to forget them at night. It is during sleep that our muscle tissue is built.

A lot of fiber

Eat foods rich in fiber, throughout the day. Fibers help us to feel satisfied without desire to constantly resort to small snacks.

Do not consume more calories than you burn

If you’re not careful with food, no exercise can save you. Exercise by itself can be beneficial, but will not make your body perfect, nor will decrease substantially your weight. You are what you eat, and if you don’t have a balanced diet, there is no way to get rid of those extra pounds. As we age the calories we eat should depend on those that we can burn during the day.

Explore new exercises

Try to vary the exercises. The muscles get used to the same kind of exercises. Create new challenges for your muscles to burn more fat and more quickly. Your muscles will become lazy if they get used to the same routine of exercises.

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