How to strengthen your arms

Learn about some ideal exercises to give more force to your muscles.

The tendency to lose muscle mass is natural, and this process increases from the age of 40, the best way to combat this loss is increasing the mass. Here are some tips to learn how to make her the most muscular arms among his friends.


Two to three times a week, don’t forget to weightlifting. Whether lying down or sitting, both exercises offer a greater ability to work biceps and triceps Although each exercise can be done individually, it is important that no part of the arm are left aside. For example, you can lift weights on foot, pulling it toward you to exercise your biceps, but you should also extend your arms with weights to work your triceps. Not to mention lifting weights on a bench, the exercise is done entirely with the strength of the pulses, which also increase the strength of the forearms.


This is another method that allows working arm as a whole, while which causes the chest to be exercised as well.


The Chin-ups, also known as elevations, involve lifting the body, using the force of arms, above a bar. This is an excellent exercise precisely for not forcing only the arms to work, but also the chest and even your ABS.

Learn to rest

Muscle mass grows precisely in those moments of rest between loads of exercise, so never neglect the rest. It is as important as the work in the gym: don’t go crazy or exaggerate in the workloads that you apply to your body.

Attention to food

A balanced diet is half way to achieve an increase in muscle mass. Don’t miss the essential foods (add link).

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