I want to quit smoking, but I don’t know if I can!

You are in a panic about not being able to drop the bad habit of smoking? Calm down! We help, here are some tips and valuable.

It is more than well known that tobacco is harmful to health, so it is more than natural that you gather courage to stop this habit. There are many stories of people who overcame the addiction, but the journey of stopping the habit of smoking is not easy. Therefore, we will give you some tips that will be very useful when trying to forget about the behavior of cigarette pulling over a coffee or while waiting for someone.

Learn how, when and why

The secret to motivation is to know the reason why you’re going to do certain thing. In the case of smoking, the feeling cannot be different. So, convince yourself you know what you’re doing. Then, create a plan and follow it to the letter.

Don’t stop abruptly

Your body is used to nicotine doses, by quitting smoking suddenly, you may have some shock effects, not to mention the overwhelming amount of people who ultimately suffer relapses and returned to addiction. Avoid them: set a weekly limit, how many cigarettes you’re going to smoke, reducing gradually the amounts until you reach the desired zero.

Bet on nicotine substitutes

To determine the reduction of nicotine in your body, look for substitutes that have less serious effects than tobacco. Nicotine gum or adhesives can be good solutions.

Many, many techniques

There are little tricks to prevent the cigarettes urges. For example, drink cold water, eat short meals, save the money of the tobacco in a jar, in order to know how much, you have spent all this time, let your friends and family pressure you to comply with the plan to stop smoking, avoid situations of stress, get rid of any trace of tobacco in your house, so there are no temptations, do more exercise and do not excess in coffee.

See a doctor

It is extremely important that be accompanied by an expert along the way. Only he can give you the best advice and the necessary support in those unpredicted moments when you don´t know what to do.

Good luck!

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