The benefits of belly dancing

Popular in many gyms, this dance promises an excellent physical shape. Discover the tips and all the secrets we have for you on this ancient dance.

This ancient dance from the oriental culture, is one of the most wanted by women. Despite the name refer to a specific part of the body, this dance involves not only the abdomen, as the hips also have the spotlight. Although pelvic movements are the main features of this dance, its practice is much more than that, it also works isolating parts of the body like the column, which is strengthened, and its alignment, and even fixing some existing deviations.

The movements performed by the body in this dance resemble those of a snake and are made in a series of ripples and abdominal rotations, to the sound of cheerful and energetic songs, which aim to promote the elegance and sensuality. Trying to keep the body static from the waist up, only pelvic and leg movements make the stomach curl. The arms also perform various positions within the dance and get more toned.

Although not to burn as many calories as an aerobic sport or other more intense dance, belly dancing has the advantage of tuning the waist line of its practitioners, and provide the desired thin waist. Lower and upper abs are also strengthened by the pelvic movements executed.

Belly dancing has the advantage of greatly enhance women self-esteem, who see their sensuality and femininity increased by the movements practiced. In terms of physical health, the practice of this oriental dance has the advantage of increasing the irrigation of the entire abdominal and pelvic area, reducing the occurrence of colic, menstruation muscular aches and strains.

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