Want (even more) reasons to eat chocolate?

As if they were needed…

That chocolate is delicious, irresistible and almost addictive, everyone knows. No need to find reasons to eat, but if you think you need an excuse, here we many reasons for you. Anyway, too much is always too much…

Dark chocolate is the most nutritious

A piece does a lot for you. The dark chocolate has iron, magnesium, fibers, manganese, potassium, zinc and phosphorus. Furthermore, it is loaded with antioxidants. All good things for the body. 100 grams has 600 calories and a substantial amount of sugar, so you should control the doses you ingest.

Your heart will be grateful

Chocolate, especially dark, improves blood circulation and lowers the blood pressure in the veins. It happens because it contains nitrous oxide, which causes a relaxation of the arteries. It also reduces the risks of heart attacks and other heart diseases.

Say goodbye to bad cholesterol

The cocoa present in chocolate has properties that reduce levels of “bad” cholesterol and simultaneously increase the presence of “good” cholesterol in the blood.

Eat chocolate in the name of the skin care

Chocolate has also shown to have the ability to protect the skin against sun damage, turning it healthier and more beautiful.

It helps against obesity

A study conducted in the United States, led by neuroscientist Will Clower, has shown that if a person holds a square of chocolate under the tongue, letting it melt, hormones are secreted in the stomach which tell the brain that it is satisfied and does not need more food.

Energize the brain with chocolate

It is more than proven: chocolate prevents dementia and Alzheimer’s, as it provides an extra dose of energy to brain cells, making them more active and reinforcing its self-regeneration power.

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