Top 10 strangest dishes in the world

We do not guarantee that this article will give you appetite.

Yes, yes, we know you’ve heard of exotic dishes. But these – we assure you! – They will be able to get to your guts, and not in a good way. Check them out and tell us: would you have the courage to try any of these delicacies?

Fugu (Japan)

Warning: this dish may be lethal. The main protein in this formulation is the pufferfish, which contains venom doses capable of killing 30 people at once. So, in order to avoid greater evil, only chefs with preparation and years of experience can serve this type of dish. Yet since 2000, only in Japan, 20 people died after requesting Fugu in restaurants.

Snake wine (China)

We all know the famous liquors served in Chinese restaurants, with a lizard in the bottom of the bottle, it chills down the spine. But this wine is in a whole new level: snakes are soaked in alcohol and fluids (including blood) of the animal become the drink itself. Who want to take a sip?

Haggis (Scotland)

Sheep’s bladder full of intestines, stomach and other insides of the animal, in a bread mix and seasoned with parsley and other spices. Are you hungry? Of course you are: in Portugal, Beira Baixa, there is something that looks a bit like it, with rice and chorizo, the Maranho.

Tuna Eyes (Japan)

In Japanese supermarkets, it is common to find packs of tuna eyes, to be stewed and eaten just like that, without side dish. In this part of the world, the softest parts of the animal are greatly appreciated.

Spam (USA)

No, we’re not talking about those unwanted emails that you get in your email. The 21st-century spam stole its name from the canned meat, coming from the unwanted body pork parts. It is seen as a second-class food (or even third).

Fried tarantulas (Cambodia)

This is an old tradition there: capturing tarantulas of the size of human hands and toss them into boiling oil, alive. Then eat them gradually. They say paws taste like chips, but the real challenge is about tasting the guts: for some is repulsive; for others, a divine delicacy.

Sannakji (Korea)

If you are offered an octopus salad, where the animal is raw and… alive? That’s right. The Sannakji is a typical dish of the Koreas and consists of eating live octopuses’ legs without being cooked. Now that’s an act of courage.

Bat soup (Palau, Micronesia)

Now, an appetizer suggestion for tucking the stomach: a stew stock of bat. Say no more, right?

Wasp cookies (Japan)

Do you know the biscuits with chocolate chips? It is more or less the same, but the chips are replaced by… candied and caramelized wasps. Maybe, it’s not as disgusting as it sounds.

Escamol (Mexico)

Also known as insect caviar, this delicacy is made of larvae and excrements of ants picked up near tequila and mescal plants. Those who tasted it, said that it has the consistency of a cheese and a nutty and buttery taste.

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