Fall in love! Your health will appreciate it

Scientists are amazed with some discoveries on the power of love.

Poets, singers, artists, writers, painters, sculptors… so many and for so long have tried to show the truth about love. Most of them have come close but none nailed it on such an inexplicable human feeling. Over the last decades, the seeker group has widened to scientists, and the results are impressive.

Although it is known that passions awaken the best and the worst feelings at the same time in people, it is not easy to admit that falling in love is only good for health. However, there are solid facts showing that, when healthy, a relationship can bring many benefits.

One of them is a lower number of visits to the doctor. For some mystery still unsolved, the human biological system has more effective defenses when in love, which translates in much less frequent diseases. What is not surprising is that lovers don’t fall so easily into depression, and do not tend to abuse drugs or psychotropic substances. Of course, anxiety levels are drastically reduced in these conditions and stress management improves significantly when in love.

On physiological level, blood pressure tends to drop to normal levels where love is set: a recent study has shown that the best indicators are reported among those in a happy marriage, followed closely by singles. Interestingly, those with less satisfactory blood pressure levels are the ones who are in unhappy marriages. As for chronic pain or resistance to pain, love also creates very interesting defenses: according to a research conducted by American psychologists, in which electrical shocks were given to married women, those who had a partner nearby and showed to be in a happy marriage felt less pain.

In summary, being in love allows you to live longer and better. A study conducted by the US National Health Interview Survey found that 58% of people who had never been married died sooner than those who, at a certain point, had lived as part of a married couple.

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