Tips to improve your brain

As the rest of the human body, your brain needs to be trained to prevent premature aging.

The good news is that the aging of the brain is somehow reversible and it may even continue to grow as the biological age will advance. It is now know that the decline of the cognitive process can be controlled to a certain extent, and that lifestyle have a direct interference in the process. Depending on your diet, physical exercise, or lack of it, sleep patterns and habits more or less healthy, it can also dictate the aging speed. So, there are factors that are essential in the case of wanting your brain functioning at its best, they are:


A balanced diet, with prevalence of fruits, vegetables, fish rich in omega-3, lean proteins and foods with antioxidant properties are of most help in maintaining the health of your brain. Avoid sugar, processed foods, carbohydrates in exaggeration and trans or saturated fats, is essential in order for the neurons not deteriorate quickly.

Sleep quality

It is at night that the human body takes the opportunity to rest and regenerate with no exception. A few hours of sleep or a little refreshing rest, interfere much in your thinking skills and memory. Some studies indicate that take naps in the middle of the day can be very beneficial to increase the power of your brain.

Train your memory

Specific exercises for the brain, such as crossword puzzles, math games, or logical reasoning help you to stay active. To put it simply: If you don’t challenge it, yoru brain will shrink. The opposite is also true: If you stimulate your brain, it will tend to produce new neurons. Your brain is flexible and adapts to the stimuli that it gets. The difficulty can be to activate brain areas that are not used to work, and this can only be achieved through repeated processes, until they are internalised. Learn a new language, an instrument or a new hobby are great ways to stimulate it.

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